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Studio Seven tattoo is approved by the swedish health authority 
and members of the S.R.T (Swedens registered tattoo artists)


We offer many styles of tattoos - all costum made.

Open hours:    
Monday - Friday 12.00 -18:00     

Saturday - (Walk-In's) 12.00 -16:00 (Max 1/h)

Sunday - Closed

Phone: +46(08)-658 54 70

Before your visit!
- Bring your valid I.D. or passport

- Make sure that you are well rested and had something to eat.
- Bring something to drink or eat, like fruit or soda.
- All bookings are made in the studio and requires a 500 
SEK booking fee.

We do not tattoo people under the age of 18!
We do not tattoo people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
The booking fee is not refundable.
Gift certificates are valid 1-year from date of purchase.

Gift certificates


Based on the tattoo, placement and size, different types of aftercare might be recommended for you

Our usual methods are:

  • Protective medical film

  • Spray plaster

  • Cling film


Protective medical film:

We’ll cover your tattoo with a protective film specially produced to apply on the skin during said time. This is an adhesive, elastic, water proof and “breathable” layer of protection.

During the entire time this adhesive protection is adapted on the skin, it will work as a protective barrier. You as a carrier of this film do not need any kind of care routine except making sure it sticks and protects the tattoo. You can shower but not bathe while wearing this for up to one week. If the protective film starts to loosen or fall off earlier than said time, we’ll recommend that you as the client start following instructions on “cling film” instead.


Spray plaster:

Spray plaster works as a protective liquid that we applicate on your tattoo. We’ll spray a liquid on said area and after a few minutes it’ll turn into a protective layer that’s also water proof. The layer usually holds a few days based on how it’s maintained. If the tattoo feels dry or is exposed, we recommend that you as the client start following instructions on “cling film” instead.

Cling film:

Let the film/plastic be on the first 2-4 hours, or during the night if you want to protect clothes, bed clothes etc from the ink/blood/wound fluid.
It is important that when the layer is removed to wash the tattoo carefully with liquid soap and lukewarm water.

All soap with a low PH-value works, example Lactacyd
Dab with a clean towel (or preferably airdry).
Clean/wash the tattoo 2-3 times a day to remove colour/wound fluid. Avoid applying any salve the first day since the tattoo needs to breath! Thereafter you’ll need to apply salve 2-4 times a day.
We recommend a mild, softening ointment specially produced for tattoos (available at the studio).

Observe that it is your body that needs to heals the tattoo. Don’t over apply the ointment!
It is important that you ALWAYS wash and dry your hand/tattoo before applying any ointment.
Use soap and ointment during the entire healing process (ca 7-10 days).

Things to avoid the next 10 days after getting a tattoo:

  • Do not bathe (ex. Bathtub, swimming pool, the sea)

  • Do not use the sauna

  • Do not go to the gym

  • Do not scratch, itch or rub the scabs (if it itches hit it softly with the palm of your hand or dab with a try, clean towel).

  • Try to avoid the sun. If your about to go out in the sun or the solarium, always apply sun cream with high protection.


If you have any other questions so not hesitate to contact your tattoo artist!
Please observe that once you leave our studio it is your responsibility to follow our instructions for the wellbeing of the tattoo!

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