Studio Seven tattoo is approved by the swedish health authority 
and members of the S.R.T (Swedens registered tattoo artists)

We offer all styles of tattoos - all costum made.

Open hours:    
Tuesday - Friday 12-18:00     

Saturday (Walk-In's) 12-15:00 (Max 1/h)

Phone: +46(08)-658 54 70

Before your visit!
- Bring your valid I.D. or passport

- Make sure that you are well rested and had something to eat.
- Bring something to drink or eat, like fruit or soda.
- All bookings are made in the studio and requires a 1000SEK deposit

We do not tattoo people under the age of 18
We do not tattoo people under the influence of alcohol or drugs
The deposit is not refundable
Gift certificates are valid 1-year from date of purchase

After care and advise
Let the tattoo be wrapped for 2-4 hours, or over night. 
When you unwrap the tattoo, make sure to wash it carefully with mild soap
Wash the tattoo 2-3 times the first day to get rid of color waste and blood
Avoid to moist the tattoo the first day, the tattoo needs to air-dry and breathe - therefore, 2-4 times a day. (We sell tattoo cream for after care)
Do not use too much cream.
Use cream and soap during the entire healing process, 7-10 days.

Things to avoid during the healing process (10 days)
Avoid pools, oceans, baths and saunas.
Do not gym/train
Do not skratch
Avoid direct sun

After leaving our parlour, it's your resposibility to follow our instructions for best possible result.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!